BIOWARE 推出 最新的多人游戏内容- REBELLIO

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BIOWARE 推出 最新的多人游戏内容: REBELLIO

《质量效应 3 》多人游戏模式全新下载内容包足以加强部队于争夺领土的战斗上的优势!内容包可供下载,并不收取额外费用*,《质量效应 3 :Rebellion Pack》于广受好评的合作模式中增加了两个全新的地图,一个新的团队目标和一个新的装备槽。《质量效应 3 :Rebellion Pack》也将推出新解开的人物,包括 Vorcha,ex-Cerberus 操作工和男性 Quarians。通过在游戏中多人商店的加固包也都可以获得新的武器和物品。

Strengthen your forces and battle for new territories with the next downloadable content pack for Mass Effect™ 3 multiplayer! Available to download at no additional charge*, the Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack adds two brand-new maps, a new team objective and a new equipment slot to the game’s critically-acclaimed cooperative experience. The Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack will also introduce new unlockable characters, including the Vorcha, ex-Cerberus operatives and Male Quarians. Also available are all new weapons and items that can be obtained through reinforcement packs in the game’s multiplayer store.

 BIOWARE 推出 最新的多人游戏内容: REBELLIO

《质量效应 3 :Rebellion Pack》于5月29日开始在 XboxLIVE® 及 Origin™ 客户端软件可供下载,并于5月30日在北美及5月29日在欧洲的 PlayStation®Network 提供下载。


The Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack will be available starting May 29 on XboxLIVE® and the Origin™ client software and on PlayStation® Network in North America on May 29 and in Europe on May 30.

《质量效应 3 :Rebellion Pack》包括以下内容:

The Mass Effect 3: Rebellion Pack includes the following content:

两个新的行动地图包 – 座落于Firebase Jade,位处  Sur’Kesh 上的 Salarian STG,用以抗衡 Thessia 在 Asari 家园的Firebase GoddessTwo New Action-Packed Maps – Land on Firebase Jade, located in a Salarian STG base on Sur’Kesh and fight to control Firebase Goddess on the Asari homeworld of Thessia. 六个功能强大的新解开人物 – 级数提昇的六个新解开人物,包括 ex-Cerberus Adept VanguardVorcha Soldier(士兵)Sentinel(哨兵)或男性 Quarian Sentinel(工程师)Infiltrator(间谍)Six Powerful New Unlockable Characters – Level and promote six new unlockable characters, including the ex-Cerberus Adept and Vanguard, the Vorcha Soldier and Sentinel or the Male Quarian Engineer and Infiltrator.   新的团队目标 - 随机发生在Waves 3、6和10,这个新的目标将要求队伍找回一个高度重要的包裹并需安全护送它到每个地图上的指定Extraction Zone(提取区)。 New In-Mission Objective – Randomly occurring during waves 3, 6 and 10, this new objective will demand that teams retrieve a high priority package and securely escort it to a designated extraction zone on each map. 新装备槽 - 一个新的装备槽将适用于设备屏幕上,给予各玩家持久的游戏奖金,比赛结束后亦不会过期。通过加固包也都可以获得这些不同以往的新项目,它可由武器升级至角色特性增强。 New Gear Slot – A new slot will be available on the equipment screen, offering players a persistent gameplay bonus that will not expire after the end of a match. These new items will vary from weapon upgrades to character enhancements and will be available through reinforcement packs. 


致命的新武器 - 消除敌人的致命新武器,包括 Cerberus Harrier 、 Krysae Sniper Rifle (Krysae 狙击步枪) Reegar Carbine (Reegar 卡宾枪)。 Lethal New Weapons – Eliminate the enemy with deadly new weapons, including the Cerberus Harrier, Krysae Sniper Rifle, and Reegar Carbine.

 BIOWARE 推出 最新的多人游戏内容: REBELLIO

于《质量效应 3:Galaxy at War》**系统,可将《质量效应 3》的多人战役经验值连接到玩家的单人战役。一旦成功,可助指挥官 Shepard 团结星系力量,以消除 Reaper 及所有的威胁。多人游戏将玩家成为精英 Special Forces(特别部队)士兵之一,派往保护资源及资产,以加强战力。

As part of the Mass Effect 3 Galaxy at War** system, success in the cooperative  multiplayer experience in Mass Effect 3 links back to the player’s single-player campaign, helping Commander Shepard rally the forces of the galaxy to eliminate the Reaper threat once and for all. Multiplayer puts players in the role of a team of elite Special Forces soldiers sent to protect resources and assets that can help the greater war effort.